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Journeys for Learning

greenland2skiersJourneys for Learning links journeys in the outdoors with the lives of ordinary people.

We can gain insight into the challenges in day to day life by looking at how they are mirrored in the stories of modern day adventurers. Journeys in remote and wild places on this earth and experiences of adventurous challenge and triumph draw on capacities, skills and attitudes we use daily but that are less visible in daily ordinariness.

Journeys in the bush, on snow, in the mountains, on rivers and seas - anywhere away from our urban landscapes - link readily to three themes - environmental sustainability, resilience and team work.

Journeys for Learning facilitates dialogue with adventurers - before, during and after expeditions. We link adventurers to schools, community groups and workplaces - opening up dialogue about what makes people tick, teams work and leaders thrive. Through the insights of people who are prepared to push physical, mental, spiritual and geographic boundaries there can be exploration of ideas that we are all concerned with such as how we should be relating to this planet and the natural world and what attitudes and beliefs help us deal with the emotional and social challenges in our lives.

Conversations with adventurers in classrooms or at events, presentations to groups, use of specially designed school curriculum materials and dissemination of reflective writings or video are some of the tools that will facilitate the interaction.

Our vision is that the insights gained by people willing to undertake journeys in the outdoors will enrich the learnings of children and the understanding of adults. People will be better prepared personally and in their teams to tackle ordinary life challenges and will do so with a respectful and informed understanding of human impact and need for a healthy environment.

New Resources Available

The North and South Pole journeys are both featured in the Big Book with IWB (interactive whiteboard) software 'North Pole vs South Pole' published by Nelson Literacy Directions.

north pole vs south pole

North Pole Versus South Pole

Sharon Parsons

ISBN-13: 9780170217699 | © 2012 | Published | Big Book | Non-Fiction | Guided/Independent | National

Patagonia - first attempt

Here is the story of the first attempt in 2009

South Patagonia - the first time, 2009 from Linda Beilharz on Vimeo.

Patagonia - second attempt

We'made it!

To find out the detail of the return trip to Patagonia - undertaken in November and December 2012 - click here