Who are we?


Promote resilience, team work and environmental sustainability through linking adventurers and their stories of expeditions to ordinary people.


Expeditioner or Adventurer

a person who undertakes a journey in the outdoors. The definition includes people who live in or travel through remote and wild places. This could include indigenous people traveling through their land, bushwalkers, mountain climbers, sailors, desert travelers and long distance aviators. The person can be alone or in a group.
Expedition or Journey
a journey of considerable length of time and/or distance, largely self sufficient and away from urban areas. This journey means travel across the earth’s surface (or into space) rather than an emotional or healing journey. There are many mental and spiritual benefits of physical journeys however in this instance the physical journey is as the core of the definition.


Journeys for Learning is run by Linda Beilharz as a means of using the icecap journeys to reach people in community and students in schools

Journeys for Learning was a not for profit organisation from 2008 to 2013. It is now simply an informal website and resource cache.


Expeditions to the South Pole, North Pole, across Greenland and the South Patagonian Icecap have taken place in the last 10 years. These are featured on www.icecapjourneys.com.au and have prompted the development of the resources on this website. You can use the two in conjunction or individually, as suits your needs.