North of North

Students will gain a basic understanding of the location of the North Pole. They will develop an appreciation for the characteristics of the Arctic Ocean in winter and summer.

Who Lives at the North Pole?

Students will gain an understanding of what animals live in the Arctic environment and how changes in the environment effect their survival.

Search For Thule

This unit will explore the concept of exploration. The explorers of the past went to unknown places. Modern explorers know more about where they are heading and have far more resources to support their journey. Students will gain an appreciation of what makes an explorer.

The Journey

Students will explore the emotional and practical dimensions of progress towards a goal by investigating expedition journals and records. Using a goal, task or project that they want to achieve they will write a journal/log of their progress towards the goal.

Watch the story of the North Pole Journey

North Pole Journey 2010 from Linda Beilharz on Vimeo.

Here are some new online resources :

How to Build an Igloo

This is one of many movies now available for streaming. Unikkausivut is the National Film Board of Canada’s Inuit audiovisual legacy initiative, and an unprecedented resource. This collection of films is the largest of its kind in the world. Discover the Inuit way of life, their perspectives and values, in films representing all four Canadian Inuit regions.

The Tale of Uummannaq

- a small community on a remote, isolated a beautiful island in northern Greenland uses art on the ice to rediscover community, pride and identity.


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