Icecap Expedtions

Cold, Colder Coldest

The students will have an understanding of the intense cold, and the equipment and materials that are necessary to ensure survival when living in extreme cold temperatures.

Cartoon: ICT in a tent

Using Technology to Get There

Students will develop an awareness of various forms of technology and modern expeditions are affected by their use. Technology has changed communication, equipment weight and strength, food options and navigation. With technology there are changes to the experience of the journey with positives and negatives that reflect social expectations and notions of ‘adventure’.

Counting the Cost

Students will understand the components that need to be considered when budgeting for a trip.

Light and Dark

Students will gain an understanding of how time measured in hours and days relates to the movement of the earth around the sun and how daylight, night and the experience of time differs at the poles.

Team Triangle

The students will participate in activities in groups of three that will challenge their ability to work as a team and provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their performance as a member of a team.

Cartoon: Boot Repair

The Card You are Dealt

Students will be able to consider possible risks of icecap expeditions and strategies for overcoming them. They will develop problem solving skills and approaches while investigating how to respond to challenges faced by expeditioners.


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